Manipulators of Public Opinion

The mainstream media’s subjects/viewers have been spoon-fed so much FAKE NEWS now it’s Mueller Time with a funnel. While they’re busy incoherently regurgitating “collusion” on social media, even still, demonstrates that perhaps mind control may be real…and being implemented.  The denial factor from the 2016 election still plagues the left, and the globalists on the right.

Let’s add to that the Democrat’s smear machine.
Today’s extremely lucrative scam called the SPLC. Their two top guys abandoned ship. I suspect it was done in a coordinated fashion by these two lawyers, Mees and Cohen. So, now the two loudest cryers, and branders of every label under the sun (racist, general hate, etc) to any group/organization slightly to the right of their buddies Stalin and Marx, retreated to their homes which is almost certainly in a zip code with 5% blacks. Did they get spooked by Gavin McGinnis?  The juggernaut should prove to be epic.


Meanwhile, the manipulators of algorithms have been hard at work to silence those on the right. From shadow banning, purging pages, to entire groups like the Prouboys. Atempting to silence the fraternity vehemently opposed to the masked Marxist terrorists who call themselves antifa. These terrorists not only hurl rocks, explosives, bike locks, urine, feces, bottles, etc at people, but they’ve taken to  doxxing on Twatter. Posting private information, including phone numbers of people’s employers.

These Ameriphobes are not only “journalists”, lawyers, and spoiled bratty white kids, but also bankers. Notably, Chase with financial black listing.

We have an internal war happenning.

And we will not relent.