DOJ Operation Is Responsible For Paypal Deplatforming?

Its a small world indeed.  Our latest revelations come from an unlikely source;  Death Metal.  Apparently, this genre of music has also been targeted by similar de-platforming strategies.  According to the blog OneAngryGamer, “A wide-sweeping initiative from the United States Department of Justice back in 2013 called Operation Choke Point was initially designed to curb payment processing for “terrorist” activities, “fraudulent” purchases, and money laundering. However, according to one record label owner, the banks who have been in the news for demonetizing and deplatforming legitimate businesses over the last few months are doing so at the behest of those overseeing Operation Choke Point.”

The Reddit Post titled “Censorship] #MetalGate – PayPal Deplatforms Metal Record Labels Elegy and Moribund” tells the tale of how the 2nd oldest black metal label, Elegy Records is now closing its doors after more than 2 decades.  The Reason?  Robert de Sanford claims that associates of Matt Goldberg & Ben Umanov, founders of MetalSucks, pressured PayPal to drop the label.  Imagine that there is a a blog dedicated to the hate of death metal.  Apparently, its true.  A similar claim was also made by Moribund Records.

What we do find interesting is that the same SJW language, claims of right wing extremists & neo-Nazi activity is found in the letter sent to HHR.  “They didn’t even have the business courtesy to inform me they were going to cut ties. I came to the realization of this when I went to process an order and the response message was “Invalid Merchant account” When I spoke to a representative, they informed me they did not wish to work with me because I promoted hate.”  Sound familiar?  While a few claims on blogs of Death Metal record labels hardly proves to be a smoking gun, the Forbes article proved to be further compelling.  In that article, a banking publication, described the Obama Administration’s effort to “freeze politically disfavored businesses out of the financial system.”

Although Operation Choke Point was ended in 2017, appears that some operations never ceased.  There is legislation in play (H.R.2706)  that would prevent further activity.  Unfortunately, at the time of this article, it still needs to be passed by the Senate and signed by the President.