Content Creators Leaving Patreon

Though we’ve just begun the New Year, the culture war is uninterruptedly raging onDave Rubin and Jordan Peterson made a joint announcement that they will be severing their relationship with Patreon on January 15th.  Rubin & Peterson has been  working on a new platform for the past few months to replace Patreon.  To be fair, they are not the first prominent You Tube creator to leave Patreon. Sam Harris deleted his account on September 1st of 2018.  A week ago, on Christmas Eve, the NYT published an article regarding Patreon’s de-platforming of a prominent YouTube creator Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad.  Unlike claims of ‘algorithms’ governing decisions to flag content, Patreon has a staff of content moderators monitoring their users’ behavior.  About Ten percent of the company’s staff are members of their ‘trust and safety’ team.

Now two high profile creators, they have now drawn a line in the sand.  These 2 creators are not alone.  Recently, Tim Pool posted a video stating his income took a $5,200 hit.  There was an alternative to Patreon, but it was short lived.  Subscribestar was targeted by these activists and it resulted in the removal of their Paypal payout option.  Part of the decision for Jordan Peterson & Dave Rubin to team up and work aggressively towards an alternate platform was the leftist coalition, Change The Terms.  Peterson sighted the web site Change The Terms and it highly unethical implications.  ‘Change The Terms’ is a coalition of organizations spearheaded by the hateful organization, the SPLC will compel, convince, or otherwise coerce financial and other tech companies to follow their standard of what hate speech is.  The SPLC, a politically motivated leftist activists funded by off shore accounts.  Some of the good people smeared with false charges of bigotry include:

-Maajid Nawaz sued the center for including him in its bogus “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists,” and this week the SPLC agreed to pay him a $3.375 million settlement and issued a public apology.
-In 2014, the SPLC placed Ben Carson — later a Republican presidential candidate and now the current secretary of housing and urban development — on its “extremist watch list,” alongside neo-Nazis and white supremacists. After an uproar, the group removed him and apologized.

Other victims of the SPLC’s smear campaigns continue to be harassed.  Their livelihoods are destroyed as well as their good names.  The Proud Boys also made their list of “White Supremacists” regardless of the fact that the Proud Boys are a multi-racial group.

Now a dangerous and dystopian trend is unfolding as I write this article.  The New York Times, through its article, suggests that credit card companies have been complicit in their involvement with facilitating mass shootings.  The rationale is that credit card companies such as Mastercard and Visa, should review our spending patterns to determine whether or not it is acceptable.  It appears the leftists are attempting to use our financial institutions to control our behavior, bypassing our rights as citizens.  If we don’t stand up to this now, the window may close forever.