Central Texas Proud Boys Raise Money for Local Charity

The Central Texas Proud Boy Chapter (CENTEX) December charity was ended today. This morning 4 brothers from the chapter happily donated $1,009 to Feed My Sheep (FMS) in Temple, TX. FMS is an organization that provides daily meals, clothing, temporary housing and employment services to the most needy in the Central Texas area. They also operate a free health services clinic which includes mental health screenings.

When we started this campaign for FMS, we originally set the monetary goal at $400. After sharing our fundraiser publicly, we soon realized that we blew away that low goal. The goal was adjusted to $1,000. As of yesterday about noon, our goal was hit and we couldn’t have been more happy. We then met up with a prospect at our weekly Beers After Church, event, and the prospect donated $9 to take our total to $1,009! Central Texas is such a great place and the CenTex Chapter remains committed to helping our most needy and vulnerable whenever we can. Our next event will take place in Feb 2019 and we will be out feeding the homeless in our community. We already have restaraunts committed to donating meals and we will also coordinate either a clothing or cash donation drive at the same time.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.