Green Book Movie Triggers for Anti-Racist Message

Green Book, directed by Peter Farlley, premiered on November 16th to lot of criticism. The film, which takes place in 1960’s America, follows the true story of Tony “Lip” Vallelonga and his journey through the deep south with famous African American pianist, Don Shirley. The movie displays real racism that plagued many states during this time period and although it address it thoroughly throughout the film, it shows white people who also lived in these areas who were not as prejudiced and even were against the dominant societal view. One of the writers of Green Book Nick Vallelonga, son of Tony Vallelonga, interviewed both his father and Shirley extensively before their deaths. However even though the film stayed true to it’s realism by including both Vallelonga and Shirley’s true experiences, leftists hated it.

In the Mary Sue’s article “Green Book Continues Exhausting Trend of Feel-Good Racism Movies Winning Awards” the writer refers to the screenwriters as “all white guys” and claims that Green Book takes advantage of “black pain and “black historical trauma” to make white audiences happy. It also claims that the white audiences would “still vote for Trump”. What does this has to do with Trump? Nothing really, although it is strange how we keep going back to him. Another article, “Peter Farrelly’s Green Book: A White Man’s Version Of A Black Man’s Life?” written by The Guardians says that not only does it not “sanitize history” and not have much to offer, but it argues that it can do better. In fact, the writer of the is article thinks that the Green book should follow the format of Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman, which is a movie about a black cop who pretends to be a KKK member to take the operation down. They want to turn a historical accurate film into a ridiculous black lives matter fantasy. The film that compares Trump Supports to the Klan. Typical. We see what this is all about. This has nothing to do with Green Book, it has to do with President Trump. Since he won, leftists have been fully convinced that racism and white supremacy is still alive and burning in America, which of course is not the case.

Another aspect of the film that the leftists did not like was that the filmmakers dared to create the notion that white people can ever crawl out of the racism hole and see blacks as their equals.The Ringer adds to this in their article “Judging Green Book by its Cover”. “Green Book gives a comforting vision for the white viewer reminding them of the ‘progress’ the country has made regarding racism”. The truth is, America has made a ton of progress regarding racism. Leftists going against a simple movie that shows that white people can move past racism shows that they are the ones trying to keep racism alive. It’s not Trump. It’s not Green Book. It’s leftist racism on life support.

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