FBI Clears The Air: The Proud Boys Are Not An Extremist Group

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It seems like yesterday that the leftist media jumped on a story fabricated by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office based on a memo their office claimed was an internal memo.  It seems the sheriff’s office has a leaker as this document somehow came into the possession of a group known as Property of the People.

It does not take long to ascertain what the political leanings of this ‘organization’ are.  Ryan Shapiro, the organization’s president and co-founder has himself, been the subject of FBI scrutiny because of his involvement with extremist animal rights activities.  The irony does not escape us here.

Once this ‘Far Left’ organization published the memo, only The Guardian took the bait.  It is curious that not even CNN had any interest in the story.  One could be forgiven for speculating that the memo was an attempt to justify the actions of the sheriff’s office in their unjust termination of Erin Willey, which, is also a subject of an ongoing investigation.  The Clark County Sheriff’s office desperately needed justification.

Today, as reported in The Oregonian, The FBI clarified that they had not, in fact, made any such statement, nor had any intentions of doing so says Oregon FBI Special Agent in Charge Renn Cannon.  “The focus on the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) is NOT on someone’s group affiliation.  The FBI cannot and does not conduct an investigation solely on an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, speech, or assembly.

Portland has had a JTTF since 2000.  With 100 JTTFs in the United States, the task force has full access to the FBI’s systems via the designated officers that participate.  If @PortlandPolice pulled out, ‘yes Portland is less safe. It’s going to slow down coordination’ between the city police, the FBI and other regional law enforcement, he said.

It seems that there may be an even bigger story within the context of the ongoing investigation.  Because of Clark County’s shenanigans, the FBI may find it increasingly difficult to ignore the bias.  The JTTF’s priority is to act on immediate threats of violence.  Perhaps they can no longer ignore the obvious threat that ANTIFA poses to the public at large.