The BroWars Saga: Four Days of Fraud & Protests

On November 6th, the state of Florida voted to decide who it will elect for the positions of Governor, Senator, and the many local offices. The votes were tallied and Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott we’re proclaimed the victors of these important seats. That should have been the end. However that was not the end the Democrats had written, and thus the Recount began. A wave of scandals surrounding the rogue Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes came crashing down in the week to follow (the only wave the Dems gained). Following this, on the 9th of November, what could only be called “The Browars” had commenced.

On the first day, protesters from the DeSantis side and the Gillum side were forced against one another in a closed environment, as trucks were parked around us, locking us in against the entrance to Snipes’ office. Chants from the Gillum supporters of “count every vote “were answered by Republican protesters “yes and our votes too”. The DeSantis supporters outnumbered the Gillum supporters for the first few hours of the morning. Then the Lauderhill Police moved both sides out and created a barricade surrounding the office.  Both Gillum and DeSantis supporters were forced to move and begin the shouting between each other all over again.  Halfway through the first day, as things calmed a bit, I had a civil debate with one of the Gillum supporters.   Meanwhile, a lady tried to stop the discussion by butting in and claiming that “my family would be deported” since I was wearing a Cubans for Trump shirt (of which I am not in any way.)  I stopped her and asked if (to her shock) she’d like to be a part of the discussion, which lasted a little longer until all three of us thanked each other for listening and moved on. Thankfully we were able to have this peaceful moment because right next to us an old man was yelling at a Cuban woman because she supported DeSantis. The man looked ready to strike and was growing increasingly agitated. A Proud Boy had to step in to tell him to back off and calm himself before it got out of hand.  Police had put up signs that said “free speech zone” around the barricade. Knowing that we were in a free speech zone had us all feeling safer (Just kidding, that helped no one.)

Later on into the night, the Browars only worsened.  Proud Boys began to receive threats of violence.  One agitator stepped away from the “free speech zone” and challenged a Proud Boy to fight him in the dark. As day one came to an end, suspicious trucks were being docked next to the office but only one man was parking all of them. It was believed that these trucks had the “provisional ballots” inside.

Day two of the Browars raised the level of intensity. The Gillum supporters greatly outnumbered the DeSantis supporters in the morning.  By the afternoon, more Proud Boys showed up and the DeSantis supporters gained greatly in numbers. At one point in the day the National Anthem was played. Some Gillum supporters responded by taking a knee while the DeSantis supporters stood with their hands over their hearts. This act of patriotism would define the two sides for the rest of the weekend, as Gillum supporters would lash out, call many “crackers” and promote violence.

When day three came around, the DeSantis supporters had completely dominated the “free speech zone” setting up tents, flying American and Trump 2020 flags and even getting a crane to flag a giant Trump flag.  Only 4-5 Gillum supporters showed up that day. Both Proud Boys and Bikers for Trump kept the peace.  A Representative from the Matt Caldwell ( R ) campaign, who was waiting outside for 3 hours was finally allowed access into the recount & was instantly told to leave because they were “at capacity” and told that the protesters outside were part of the KKK.  Snipes’ office not only rejected a Republican rep. but also called Proud Boys, Bikers for Trump and all the everyday citizens outside a part of the KKK.  But the worse was about to come.

Buses were seen on day four, unloading Gillum supporters (and if we know anything about buses, this ain’t good). Another barricade was made this time, surrounding half of the “free speech zone.”  Instead of Police enforcing it, paid thugs from the Snipes office were harassing people in the parking lot trying to come to protest and making sure anyone who dared cross the yellow line to leave was threatened with violence  Though the Proud Boys are accustomed to this level of intimidation, the elderly who showed for the protest, were not.  For them, it was rattling.

But through the name calling and fight propositions, the DeSantis supporters held through until they hit their gold, tampered ballot tabs. Meant to seal ballot boxes, these tabs are a smoking gun for Snipes and the Democrats. But even as we are thankful for a Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott, we still need to make sure Snipes answers for her undemocratic and criminal tampering in our election.  In honor of the brave Proud Boys, Bikers for Trump and average people who protested in the blazing Florida sun for hours in that parking lot, as the chant goes, Lock Her Up!