Proud Boy Letters: Bobby Pickles

Bobby P   27 Oct 2018

To All My United States Citizen Snowflake “Friends”:

Trump is genuinely trying to help this country! You think he lacks respect for the office?? I laugh at that insanely inaccurate perception of reality. Most have to run for President to become somebody. This man already was somebody. Then he decided to run for the presidency. He’s doing this out of the kindness of his heart. I know you’re going to probably laugh at that or consider it a cliché, but it’s not. I don’t even think he really wanted to do this. He’s doing it because he feels he has to. Because nobody else was going to fix America. Do you understand that there are two basic political spectrums? Socialism and Capitalism. Socialism is matriarchal. Capitalism is patriarchal. Think of it as a mother’s or father’s parenting style. Kid falls down, mom helps him/her up, while dad says “get up on your own.” Each has its good and bad elements. The reason why America is brilliant is because every two years there’s a major election and a shift in power and usually a shift in the political spectrum. The reason why I’m pissed off is because this period of correction (after 8 years of Socialism) is being thwarted by deep state holdovers and globalists. They own the media. Trump is a political outsider. Not a career politician. The office was created for somebody just like him. Did George Washington become a career politician or a king?? NOPE! The office of the president was meant for a person who proves themselves in the private sector and uses those talents briefly while holding public office.

Take a look at Chile. That country was filled with communists. Pinochet killed them all by drugging them and throwing them out of helicopters. I’m not advocating violence. Just making a point. Today, Chile is the most productive country in Latin America. The reason is because people were forced to work hard and figure life out on their own, not babied by the nanny state. I responded better to my dad saying “get up on your own, son” than when my mommy helped me up. If you go through life always depending on your mommy, you’ll be a baby for your entire life. We all need nurturing. But we do not need it when it is overbearing.

It’s also important to understand that there’s a political government to fit each personality on the planet. If you want to take it easy, sipping wine, cutting work to watch futbol games, and hitting the beach — move to the Amalfi coast of Italy, or maybe Costa Rica. If you want to be a hyper-entrepreneurial go-getter — then you live in the right place. People are always trying to change this country. We are capitalists, through and through. We fought England for our freedom. We have a spirit of individualism — not collectivism. If you like collectivism, move to China. Take this advice: start having some gosh darn self-awareness, realize where you live, and appreciate the U.S.A. for what it is . . . It’s the Wild, Wild West (literally): Western Civilization. There aren’t too many social safe guards. If you need those, move elsewhere. This is a place for people who want to be somebody. People who succeed here are go-getters. You aspire to sit on the couch and watch TV? And work at Burger King? Yea, your life is gonna suck. You want a better life? Work for it!
End of rant. Have a good day, scums! —B.P.