Alleged Election Fraud in Broward County

It’s been exactly 1 week since Floridians took to the ballot box to make their voices heard.  As reported, the days following were a circus full of conflict and controversy.  But to state that what took place was merely voter tampering would be an understatement in the opinion of this observer.  Ballots seemed to arrive from everywhere and anywhere.  There was a black unidentified SUV that delivered a box of ballots.

Throughout the days to come, trucks continued to arrive.  Our correspondents caught them red-handed.  Laura Loomer broke story about ballots being discovered in a rental car at Fort Lauderdale Airport.  The police called it a bomb threat for the purpose of clearing the area of any witnesses.  Yesterday, a former congressional candidate, Carla Spalding was at the scene at the Broward County Board of Elections to discover roughly 20 ballot tabs found on the ground, outside in the parking lot.  This is a significant find because it proves tampering & lack of chain of custody.