Ron DeSantis Meet & Greet in Miami with Senator Rubio

It was a great day in Miami, FL.  And it was a good day for Ron DeSantis to communicate his message of Pro American values which have served our country well.  The event took place at Versailles, one of Miami’s most famous restaurants; known for its heated political discussions.

 One could not help but notice the strong anti-communist tone at today’s rally.  Although it is par for the course in this community dominated by Cuban exiles, the idea of globalism vs. nationalism has taken center stage in the global political landscape.  Recently, the president proudly proclaimed himself a nationalist to a cheering crowd.  The connection between globalism and communism has begun to seep into the public consciousness and the bureaucrats are finding it more difficult to hide their intentions.  It is a struggle that is taking place globally.  There are signs that the people are beginning to take control.

A conservative politician Jair Bolsonaro has been elected president of Brazil.  His policies are similar to Donald Trump’s.  Angela Markel will be stepping down as CDU party leader this December which will end an almost 20 year reign of power in Germany.  And though these are considered great victories for the people of their respective countries, the culture and political war continues.

As with many wars, it is fought on several fronts.  The Proud Boys know this truth better than most.  A rally that took place recently in Coral Gables for the Democrat party attracted lots of controversy as well as an unnecessary apology from the Republicans.  It has become clear that perhaps the soft handed politicians of the Republican party lack the testicular fortitude to do what needs to be done in some instances.  Nevertheless, the Proud Boys were in attendance today, doing several interviews with the local and foreign press.  Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio, Alex Gonzalez, & Al Torna all gave interviews with various journalists.  They answered questions about policy, beliefs, and recent incidents involving Proud Boys in New York.