Obama’s Rally in Miami, Interrupted Six Times by Hispanic-Americans


In the afternoon of November 2nd, 2018, Former President Barack Obama participated in a rally in support for Florida candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, in Miami, Florida.

Things got a bit weird when suddenly a black Cuban-American in sunglasses and a gray bonnet started using his first amendment right: “YOU HAVEN’T DONE JACK SHIT FOR THE BLACK AND LATIN COMMUNITY IN MIAMI!!”

Obama replied back, “I don’t understand why, if you support the other candidate, you don’t go to support the other candidate.”

“Where was I?” he ended, his voice breaking a little, thinking that the heckling was over.

This protester was immediately kicked out of the venue, while people clapped, cheered and threw punches at him. “Bring it home!.” They escorted the protester out. It should be noted that on the way out of the exit, multiple people—men, women, young, elderly—spat and punched this man out the door. . . . The Liberal media probably wouldn’t want to talk about that, surely.

But the heckling was not over for Obama. It appears as soon as everyone was made silent again, and the former president’s speech was about to resume, another person started protesting him, screaming their heart out.

They, too, were escorted out of the building with more boos, cheering of “bring it home!” But this time with a sucker punch to the protester’s stomach. At this point Obama had no other choice but to acknowledge the fact that his speech was being consistently interrupted by Hispanic-Americans. As they were escorted out, the audience again showed how peaceful and tolerant they were by throwing punches, sodas and kicks at the protester. All speakers and candidates ignored this fact.

In total Obama had six different protesters disrupt his speech.

“It’s an old playbook,” claimed the former president. “One that the powerful and the privilege start when power slips away.” Clueless Obama was unknowingly referring to hard-working American residents of that city, who happen to have Hispanic origins living in Miami.

“In four days we need to have that kind of behavior in check.” Now he was pissed. His eyes changed, and Gillum’s smile was gone. The free-speech abolitionist started to appear!

But that was not it. Former President Obama’s difficult day was not yet over. Another person begun protesting him: “DENOUNCE ANTIFA! DENOUNCE ANTIFA!!”

The crowd started yelling profanities as this protester was escorted out, also assaulted by some members of the crowd.

“I’ll make an observation . . . hold on . . . ,” said Obama again. “Why is it that the folks that won the elections are so mad all the time? When I won the presidency at least my side felt good. The folks who are in charge are still mad.”

You may think he assumed, in his liberal identity mindset, that the protesters were millionaires and non-working voters. Hispanic conservatives don’t fit the democratic box of programmed identity politics.

“That’s how we [Democrats] abolished slavery,” claimed a livid Obama. He may have forgot the history of the democratic party . . . or probably—and more importantly—he was referring to the republican party abolishing slavery. But that does beg the question if this is the first time he has spun the Democratic party as taking credit for something the Republican party has done. Who knows?

“You couldn’t bring all the jobs back,” said Obama, “especially after Republicans run congress. They’ve been in control for two years, what have they done with that power?”

You would guess he referred to the unemployment rate at a record-low or increasing wages . . . but no, he further spoke about “giving tax cuts to the rich” instead.

We asked Enrique Tarrio, the first protester, what these protests meant to him. In his eyes it was plain and simple: “To exercise our First Amendment right, then peacefully leave.” Obviously it didn’t work out that way. Enrique also said, “I felt like an African-American under the Jim Crow cage.”

Sad, sad sentiment. But overall the message was heard, and it’s unfortunate it had to end that way for these protesters. All and all, they made it clear that Obama was rejected, and in the process disrupted his speech.

You can view the whole thing for yourself: