Proud Boy Letters: From Fred Swink

Fred Swink  31 October 2018 05:34

I am a member or a men’s fraternity called the #ProudBoys which is currently being banned across multiple social media platforms, including members and even supporters. I may be next, but I want my friends to know why, if I “disappear” from facebook.

I joined the Proud Boys because I felt a need for male social connection that is no longer valued by society. A group of men where it was ok to be men. A place where our voices could be loud, we could revel in our accomplishments, debate, get physical with each other, and drive each other to improve without having to excuse our “toxic masculinity”. That is the Proud Boys.
Most of our members are conservative, with a skew towards libertarianism, but we have members that are Democrats as well, though not many. I am a Republican. There are members of every race and I cannot think of a religion that is not represented. I am a member of a very conservative minority religion. We have straight and gay members.

Despite what has been reported, we are anti-racist, anti-racial guilt, anti-fascist, anti-communist, anti-“political correctness”, pro-liberty and freedom, pro-guns, pro-prison reform, and absolutely pro-capitalist. We are also very patriotic of our respective countries. There are Proud Boys from the US to Vietnam to Uganda (do you realize how difficult it would be to have a chapter of a white supremacy group in Uganda?)! If someone expresses racist views, they are expelled; the same is true with intolerance for sexuality or religious affiliation.

The only requirements to join are being male and pledging “I am a western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world”. Chauvinism in this sense is an extreme sense of patriotism, and each of us chooses every day create or destroy the modern world. We choose to create it. Western traditions, the broad culture that we live in today, has its origins in Persia, in Greece and with the Cherokee, and has spread the concept of freedom and democracy to almost every nation on this planet. The spirit of Western Traditions is that every life has value, and all people have equal value.

We venerate the housewife. Many people read this as us being misogynists, especially when they don’t bother to look up the word chauvinist, but what we mean by this is that women who chose to be housewives and mothers should be celebrated for that choice. We do not claim that is the only valid choice and many of our wives are very successful career women. In today’s world too many men do not prioritize having families but we do. We like sex, we want wives and we want babies. We encourage each other to find good wives and to be good husbands and fathers.
We glorify the entrepreneur. Every great discovery has come about because of capitalism and economics. Finding the most efficient solution to problems, finding a need and fulfilling it. That mindset should be emulated. If there is one thing politically that we all have in common it is the objection to the totalitarian establishment of socialism and communism that do not reward this behavior.

A trend began to develop where conservative speakers were being shut down at public universities through intimidation and assault. As a group it was decided that when possible we would attend these events and try to minimize the chaos and protect the rights of the speakers to lecture without fear of injury. And that is exactly what we did. We never have initiated violence. At the rallies that I have attended where there has been violence it originated with “ANTIFA” a group which uses black block tactics to harass and terrorize communities while avoiding being prosecuted. During our marches or rallies we are hit with bottles, explosives, and pebbles. We will always defend ourselves and those around us.

After each event, more and more men join our fraternity. They see the videos, they see who has instigated the violence, and want to be part of the solution rather than sitting at home watching ANTIFA terrorize their community. We have all found common values of equality, charity, brotherly kindness, and hope with the Proud Boys. There is no hate, there are only men who live as men unapologetically, who love the family, love their country, love guns and free speech, and love each other. I found the brotherhood I was looking for. We will not be called a racist, or a Nazi or any kind of phobic as those are words thrown at people to dismiss and dehumanize. People may disagree with us, and we are willing to have a discussion, but we will not be the subject nor the source of hate. We have nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to apologize for.