Rumble in Coral Gables


On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 17th, a communication circulated that reached the Proud Boys.  Nancy Pelosi was visiting Miami Dade County.  We received the information late Wednesday morning and sent a message out to all local Proud Boys asking if they could attend.  One fact the mainstream press did not know was that there were other Proud Boys in attendance.  Only Enrique wore our adopted polo shirt.  The Protest was heated but we never threatened anyone with harm.  There were local & state police at the scene in addition to the secret service detail.

After the event, we learned of the accusations from the Democratic Party.  There were accusations that the Proud Boys were engaged in ‘violent actions’ according to Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s spokesman.  We find these accusations a bit odd.  With the level of security at the event, not one of the protesters was approached about their behavior.  There was also a false accusation that the Proud Boys were paid to protest the event.  While this has been proven to be true with many protests initiated by the Democrats, rest assured what was said to Nancy Pelosi was authentic and heart felt.  The Proud Boys Miami Chapter released 2 statements to help clarify our position.