Nobody Calls Me Chicken!

Recently an article was published on labeling the Proud Boys as a bunch of whiny, privileged, bearded, trendy chickens.  We understand the tactics they try to use, to lure us into acting as a violent gang, or anything other than what we truly are: A men’s drinking club with a patriotic problem.

First, let’s be honest.  If this article were submitted to my eighth grade English teacher, my parents would have been called to the school.  It would not have been for the content, it would have been for the gross misuse of the English language.  Though I harbor no ill will towards this poor soul, her attempt at jabs and propaganda don’t even rank at the amateur level.  I find a lot of these activists plagiarize other news sources in an attempt to sound credible.  It’s a sad state of affairs when your opponents can’t even synthesize a complete thought, let alone a factual argument.  To date, the Proud Boys have been called many things, but considering our motto “We don’t start fights, we finish them”,  never before had we ever been called ‘Chicken’.     NOBODY… calls us chicken.



Though I would be more than happy to engage in a battle of wits, it would be a waste of time.  Clearly, the other side is unarmed.  But I’ll take a moment to deconstruct their argument.  Perhaps they remember that incident in Portland, OR, reported by The Guardian.  I suppose these are the acts of cowardice they speak of.


Yes.  Very cowardly, indeed.  I quite enjoyed the video footage of ANTIFA’s retreat after attacking with home made shrapnel bombs, and throwing bottles of piss among other things to peaceful protesters that day. I enjoyed watching how outnumbered Proud Boys made them run away and stop their vicious assault on protestors.   As much as I’d like to just call ANTIFA cowards, its a more complex issue.  They are using fear, intimidation, and leftist tactics in an attempt to start their Communist revolution.  They hide behind their made up narratives of fighting racism to justify their violent behavior (not only cowardly hidding behind their masks).

Its all been done before.  We only have to look to Italy and Germany in the 1930s, or South America in the last two decades too see it’s the same old story.

The reason ANTIFA, Communism and Fascism (yes that’s all leftist ideology) lose everytime, was because in the end, it was all rejected by the people.

I happen to know a few that were in Portland that day.  They would agree that Americans have a long history of fighting and dying for freedom & will continue to do so when necessary.  Cowards Tina? Fuck around and find out.

Oh.. our mascot is a rooster you fat, lefty pig.